Attention fellow accounting professionals and business owners!!

In just 2 weeks the Intuit presented QuickBooks Connect Toronto conference is going on, downtown Toronto – December 4 -6!  Yes, this is exciting…you should be excited!!

For us this is a not to be missed conference for accountants and bookkeepers, but also for small business owners that want to take their businesses to that next level.  Everyone knows the name but perhaps you’re using a different software for your business – that’s ok!  This conference is not just for users of Intuit products, but of course, the focus will be on the QuickBooks products and all the amazing APPS that integrate with it.

I am lucky enough to be one of Intuit’s Trainer/Writers here in Canada.  This means I get to spend a lot of time working with their amazing products and then talking about them to both fellow accounting professionals as well as small business owners.  It is easy for me to talk about the Intuit products my firm uses as the products work for us and have truly allowed us (a small business too) to push our offerings well beyond where we thought we’d go.  As technology continues to explode, accounting services are no exception to seeing a massive influx of options for us to give that “edge” to the services we give our clients.  At a conference such as this one, there is the opportunity for business owners and accounting pros alike to meet and speak to all the these amazing product creators and learn what they can do for your business.

For my fellow business owners (non-accounting professional businesses), myself and my colleague Kimberley will also be there Monday and Tuesday and hope to meet many of you.  If you happen to see us, come and ask us about home some of these products have improved our day-to-day bookkeeping.  We are not there just as accounting professionals, but as small business owners that use these products day in and out – we’re excited too to see what is new as the industry changes constantly!

I will be speaking on Wednesday December 6 to my fellow accounting professionals on how to push the tax portion of their practice further and how to make it as efficient, and hopefully painless as possible.  Honestly, none of us gets through a tax season without a few knocks…but we keep going back!  We exclusively use  software and the wonderful Hub and Link functions of it for our practice.  This software just gets better and better for us year after year.  We’ve change our prep and planning processes thanks to some of the changes and we’re even more excited to get into tax season…no, seriously!!!

Whether you’re an accounting professional or small business owner, there is something for all at this conference and you’ll meet some great people, network and have some great food!!  If you haven’t registered yet, go over to right now and sign up!!

I just got off an hour long twitter chat with Intuit colleagues, fellow accounting professionals and many of the great app developers out that there want to service our industry and our clients and EVERYONE is pumped!  Want to know who we use, check out our tool box – amazing stuff!

We look forward to seeing you all there.

*Featured image courtesy of Intuit Canada ©

Susan Watkin is the owner and Principal Accountant of Watkin Small Business Services. She is a self-proclaimed, non-blogger, but endeavors to share about the Company and important small business issues as often as possible.