Many new clients ask us how do we accept paperwork?  We accept it, how you have it.  That can be digital, paper, organized or not organized.  Managing your own bookkeeping can be tough and trying to manage your company and stay organized is hard for many of us, even those of us that work in accounting and bookkeeping.  Never avoid getting help with your bookkeeping because you’re embarrassed of your paperwork.  We can honestly say, we’ve see it all!

If you want to feel more organized before engaging someone for bookkeeping or accounting services, we have a few recommendations:

  • Open all of your envelopes.  Do not leave CRA envelopes unopened as you never know what they’re asking you for and it can just cause you grief later on;
  • If you have digital receipts, you would just send them to us or we’d get you connected to Hubdoc to upload directly to us;
  • If you have paper receipts, we find a file folder per month, for your receipts, works just fine;
  • Speak to us and see what might be best for your situation, you may surprise yourself and find you’re more organized than you thought!

Regardless of how you organize or don’t organize, your work can be handled as long as you understand that it might take more time if your bookkeeper needs to sort it first.  If that’s ok with you, sometimes, it is better to just ask for help, and give what you have, how you have it, so you can get back to the work you love!

Susan Watkin is the owner and Principal Accountant of Watkin Small Business Services. She is a self-proclaimed, non-blogger, but endeavors to share about the Company and important small business issues as often as possible.