Many of you might have noticed over the past month some additions to our website and social media forums in terms of talk of Nova Scotia, Kimberley moving, and our expanded service territories.  I am here on behalf of the Company to fill you all in on the big change!

Kimberley Fowlow, our amazing and dedicated Accounting Manager has moved, for family reasons, to the beautiful province of Nova Scotia, to Greenwood, in the Annapolis Royal area.  Kimberley is not new to Nova Scotia and lived there for years before coming to Ontario.

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You might be wondering what this means, what changes will happen to our services?  Nothing, not a thing.  In fact, we’re adding on.  Thanks to the era we are in and the plethora of virtual tools we work with day to day, Kimberley is as much a part of our office as she’s ever been.  We miss seeing her everyday in the office, however, she’s just a video chat away whenever we or a client need her.

In terms of services, Kimberley is still our Accounting Manager, she manages her team here in Ontario from her office in Nova Scotia.  If there was any doubt about our abilities with tech tools and virtual work, that has gone out the window now.  August was full of learning curves and growing pains, but now, we feel we’re back on track!

In terms of our clients, well the great thing is that Kimberley will now have the ability to start interacting with businesses in Nova Scotia, in her area, in addition to supporting our Ontario clients.  She has already joined the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Valley Women’s Business Network.  It is great to see her making personal and business connections in the area already!  Hopefully she’ll meet some of you in the area soon.

Please join us in supporting Kimberley in this big move and transition and we all look forward to our continuing work with small businesses across Canada!

To connect directly with Kimberley, whether you’re in Ontario or Nova Scotia, here are her details and a direct link to book time with her!

Kimberley Fowlow ~ 902-800-9242 ~

Susan Watkin is the owner and Principal Accountant of Watkin Small Business Services. She is a self-proclaimed, non-blogger, but endeavors to share about the Company and important small business issues as often as possible.