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We work with companies in almost every industry – our specialty lies in professional services (media, design, marketing), start-ups, contractors, manufactures, retail and real-estate agents.

Accounting & CFO Services

Strategic Financial Planning

Analyzing the Company’s Financial Strengths and Weaknesses (Budgeting and Forecasting)

Monitoring Cash Flow

Financial Working Papers (Income Statements, Cash Flow etc.)

Account Reconciliations

Suggesting Plans for Improvement


Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable


Record Keeping

Bill Payments

Income & Sales Taxes

HST Sales Tax

Personal Income Tax

Sole-Proprietorship Income Tax

Corporate Income Tax

Software Support & Training

Software set-up & training

Conversions to online software

Training of your staff on new software

Payroll Management

Payroll Services

Source Deductions

Government Remittances (Federal Tax, CPP, EI, EHT, WSIB, ROE forms)

Employment Standards Compliance

Year End Reconciliations including T4’s


What is your greatest need right now?  What is keeping you up at night?  What is the last thing you want to do?  Our solutions below hit on the major “pain” points for small business owners – click on yours and see how we can help.

Is that an expense?

Not sure if something in your business is deductible or not? We can help!

I need to hire an employee…or do I?

Not sure if hiring someone is the right move for you? Confused about employees vs contractors? Reach out!

Am I charging enough?

Are you charging enough to not only cover your expenses, but also bring in profit? We’ll help you find out!

Is my business making money?

What percentage of your income should be profitable? Do you have too much overhead? We’re here to help!

What information do I need to get a loan?

Need financing to support your next venture, or secure some backup funds? We know the documents you’ll need!

Do I need HST…how do I handle that?

Not sure if you need to file HST? Do you need to have an HST number? We have all the info!


Have no idea what to file or what you owe? You’re not alone, we’ll get you sorted out!

I’m trying to do this myself, but the software is confusing.

No problem! We have expert staff standing by to help.

I think I’m ok, but would like someone to look it over.

Financial reviews, strategic planning, and budgets.  Have our financial professionals walk through it with you.



We have been small business owners for more than 11 years now, and always struggled to understand “the bottom line”. We’ve hired accountants, bookkeepers, and even internal staff to specifically work on keeping us up to date financially. We knew it was important to file our HST returns on time, file our taxes, and keep our receipts up to date in our accounting software, but the big picture escaped us. How could we know to create business goals if we didn’t even know our break even point? Susan spent some time in our office looking at our numbers, and came up with a clear revenue number that we knew we had to make every month to pay all our bills. It’s like she’s part of our team, and is invested in our success. Susan is a very direct communicator (some would say blunt), but we really appreciate that because it gives us the kick in the butt we need to grow our business. Special shout out to Lori, who is only ever a phone call away, and always looks after us.

Bonnie Annis & Will Roderick Partners

Creative Director & Sales Director, L’Moor

Shelagh Cummins

Bookkeeping is, for me, the most daunting and overwhelming part of running my own business. Working with Susan and her team has alleviated an enormous amount of stress and time from my workload allowing me to do more client facing work. More client facing work = more income. Her attention to detail, her knowledge of accounting software and of navigating the CRA has been priceless. Susan always has time to answer my questions and educate me to become more knowledgeable in the financial health of my company. Her dedication to my success is something I deeply value. She runs my accounting department, and my business is stronger because of the role she plays.

Shelagh Cummins,

Business Growth Speaker, Trainer and Consultant


Ms. Susan Watkin, Owner of Watkin Small Business Services, is an absolute pleasure to work with. Over the years she has not only provided accounting support, but she has also contributed to creative recommendations which strengthened the successful growth of TimBUKtu Indoor PlayLand. Susan’s main duties consisted of: Monthly Reconciliation’s, GST Filings, Corporate Annual Filings, T4 Submissions… All of which is completed in an efficient and timely manner. I highly recommend Susan as she is a professional with her numbers and a consistent reliable asset to help further your success.

Valerie Girimonte,

Former owner of Timbuktu Indoor Playground

Adam Charlesworth

I have known Susan for years. Her straightforward honest hard working approach to life defines her. I wish I had as many positive features in my business as Susan displays in hers. I recommend Susan without hesitation to small businesses who need professional courteous timely useful results.

Adam Charlesworth,

GTA Real Estate, Keller Williams Realty

Arja Pennanen Lytle

Working with Susan has been such a pleasure! Her knowledge of Quickbooks, and understanding of the needs of a small business like mine take all scary guesswork out of bookkeeping! I know that whenever I have a problem or question, she’ll be able to help me solve it.

Arja Pennanen Lytle, 

Holistic Nutrionist, Balance Body & Soul Nutrition

Marina Zelenovic

When I was looking for a bookkeeper, Susan came highly recommended, and I couldn’t agree more! Not only has she taken a large burden off my back, by taking over my bookkeeping, but she has also really helped me understand the entire process much more as well. She is highly knowledgeable, understanding, easy to talk to and efficient as she does her magic balancing the numbers.

Marina Zelenovic, 

Registered Holistic Nutritionist


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